What we do!

Cloud Computing

Ranging from openstack, Amazon AWS to S3 & Digitalocean, we do our best.

Web Development

Either it a SPA or a dynamic website, we are here to help with all your business needs. We support Node JS, PHP and .Net

Staff Augmentation

Providing right resources for a project can make all the difference. We help clients quickly ramp up project teams with as few or many qualified staff to fill short term or long term needs.

Desktop Software

We're concerned about platform, security & UI. We focus on Java, Javasctipt (Electron),  Python & .NET. We also develop  web API's for your business backend needs.

Mobile Apps

At K-Cloud, we're good at developing Android, iOS. We use React Native as our develoment framework, reducing the costs for our customers by half.

Maintenance & Support

Our talented resource pool has vast expertise in various technologies and domains providing mission-critical solutions and services to the clients.

We meet you where you are

We know every business is different and there's no one solutions fits for all. We ask questions and concentrate on building YOU a strong strategy.

We focus on results

People adopt results, the more personal the better. Our proccesses are focused on delivering results that you and your coustomers care about.

We commit to your success

At K-Cloud, we are committed to defining what success means to you and to bring resources to your project.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Two decades of MRP, MRP11, BPR and other trends culminated in ERP solutions that cross-integrate any company’s systems across functional and systems lines regardless of system type or age, and incorporate true SCM in a seamless operation.   With K-Cloud, ERP solutions are operations focused, cooperative with leading software system suppliers SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SSA-Baan, and others, and are either turnkey implementations or participation on a support-assistance basis.

K-Cloud works with the client decision team from conceptualization through finalization.  Typical implementations include

K-Cloud plans and implements today’s ERP systems to yield rapid and substantial return on investment. Modular packages allow for the gradual upgrade of legacy systems across the enterprise with minimum upheaval.  Skilled programmers and business process experts guarantee the most effectively customized implementation possible.

Business Intelligence

Data warehousing is a business concept. It is a combination of hardware and software components that analyze the large amounts of data that companies are accumulating to make better and faster business decisions.

Companies today have massive amounts of data that represents a wealth of knowledge, which is probably not being used to its fullest potential. Data warehousing can help you take advantage of the knowledge base you have created over time.

K-Cloud, Inc Business Intelligence, Data warehouse Design and Development capabilities:

  • ETL extraction transformation-load for multiple source reformat  and cleansing
  • Knowledge integrity management and enhancement
  • Metadata management
  • OLAP  online analytical processing for shared multidimensional information fast analysis
  • Data mining as knowledge recovery
  • Real time personalization, e.g. active customer profiling and fulfillment

Application Development and Methodology

K-Cloud Uses development methodologies that best suit the clients objectives for cost-effective turnkey solutions and ongoing user support.  Developers specialized in design, implementation, and quality assurance apply methods and processes that ensure successful due-diligence, steady-state optimization.  Dedicated project communication systems eliminate time barriers and assure operational flexibility.

Project Management

Our delivery team works in a highly collaborative manner with the client as it relates to understanding project priorities, defining requirements, establishing quality standards and acceptance criteria. This is a critical success factor in our service delivery mechanism. Our dedicated on-site engagement manager and the on-site team will be responsible and accountable for delivery of K-Cloud’s commitments to your organization. This team is responsible for managing all aspects of the global model—resources, productivity and milestones—so that your organization’s project objectives can be met on time and within budget..

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

With a reputation for standing by our commitments and for going the extra mile, K-Cloud approach to client satisfaction is simple— We guarantee it…

Customer Relationship Management

Best-practice CRM solutions integrate people, processes, and technology to achieve next-level customer and supplier relationships through—

  •  Lead generation
  •  Account management
  •  Customer retention
  •  Campaign management
  •  Call center interactions
  •  Customer value metrics

Focus is customer-centric.  Resource pool is project managers, financial consultants, business analysts and technical consultants.  Technology may be SAP, Oracle-Siebel, Peoplesoft, Clarify, or other as needed to meet client application development and implementation objectives. 

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About us.

We are dedicated to offer end-to-end IT solutions and services to customers. We integrate our vast experience with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer business-friendly solutions to customers. We recognize the importance of nurturing relationships with our customers that reflect our true culture of ethics and mutual admiration.

Our prime objective has always been true satisfaction of our Clients and candidates. Towards achieving this, we associate very closely with them and provide solutions to their varied needs. We place high premium on our people, quality and business values. We primarily operate on two chief practices- Staffing and Solutions which are strengthened by our core competency, an expert human capital!

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